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colourful border design Cheshire

Colourful mixed planting scheme in raised beds - Cheshire


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Planting schemes and border designs

In addition to working up complete garden designs, we can just create new planting schemes and border designs for you. Whatever you want, from minimal and low maintenance to a jungle-themed paradise we can help you achieve borders with impact.

Our border designs will involve a hand-drawn colour A4 sketch with locations of focal plants and suggested companion planting detailed. Additional features, such as planters, statues and the like will also be identified. All border designs require a full site survey. This will allow us to determine factors like site exposure, soil type and the way the border faces, which are essential to chosing the right plants for your particular site.

We can also help you create your new border, by sourcing plants for you and even installing them. Find out more about our planting services.

Border design cost
The cost of our border design service starts at £100. For large gardens with multiple borders this cost may increase. Border design fees are payable before any design work commences and any increase to the base cost will be advised before we start.

Commercial border design and planting services
We can design and implement border and bedding plant schemes on any scale. From organisations like schools and nursing homes who have specific needs such as sensory gardens, to hotels and businesses who need to create an impact with their outdoor space, we can help. Please contact us for any further advice or information.