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2008 Tatton show garden design

A small, modern family garden designed and built for 2008 Tatton show.


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Full garden design package

This is a comprehensive garden design solution suitable for all gardens, regardless of the complexity of design and size of the garden. The finished garden design will take the form of an annotated, colour A3 plan, produced using CAD (Computer Aided Design) software. The garden design plan will identify principal features, detail materials to be used and highlight feature planting within the garden. Our full garden design package is suitable for both commercial and domestic clients.

The garden design plan can be supplemented with separate design detail sheets, typically for bespoke features, full planting plans and a construction specification if required. A sample garden design and detail sheet are available to view in the Resources section, found to the right. More garden designs and finshed projects, including both domestic and commercial work, can be seen in our online garden design portfolio

Garden design process
The starting point of any garden design is our initial consultation. This is free, and allows us to get a feel for what you want from your garden and for you to get to know us. If you are happy to proceed then we will undertake a full site survey and produce a hand-drawn outline sketch for review. This is then revised in line with your comments and an outline CAD design produced. Once you are happy that the outline garden design is right, we will ask you to sign it off and the final colour design will be produced. There is no limit to the amount of revisions that can be made before the outline design is signed off and 2 or 3 revisions is not unusual.

Garden design costs
Our full garden design package starts at £250, which would cover most typical suburban domestic gardens. Larger gardens, or those that require a particularly complex design (numerous separate 'garden rooms' for example) would cost more and the full cost of this would be advised before the design process is started. Each design detail sheet costs an additional £50. A fully detailed planting scheme costs from an additional £75 and a construction specification £25 extra. In all cases, design fees are payable, in full, in advance of the garden design work commencing.